Children See Children Do

Management tips come in many forms. I was struck by the positive or negative influence of our actions in this well executed PSA film.

I received this link from my executive colleague in Japan, Guy Aelvoet (former COO Disney Japan) who now resides in sunny South of France. Guy fills my in-box regularly with quite excellent humor, photos and statements forwarded from various corners of Europe. I have a pile of gems reserved in a Mac.Mail folder that I haven’t had time to go through lately. But being an ad addict the subject “splendide pub” on this one caught my eye.

A quick search on YouTube showed it wasn’t new but it is definitely worth a watch. “Children See Children Do.” “Make your Influence Positive.”

I found this ad to be very effective and moving. Did you?

Certainly a child’s behavior can be strongly impacted by someone close and powerful in their life. This type of influence of power may be found elsewhere. Can you recall a manager in your life that affected your own management style? I have definitely seen this domino effect in organizations.

Update: Unfortunately, the link to the Child Friendly Australia site shown as the source for the PSA on the youtube video is no longer active.

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