What Will You Do On Leap Day?

February 29 was declared a day when women could propose to men (made famous by cartoonist Al Capp in 1937 as Sadie Hawkins Day) back when that was a big deal. Such a concept is gratefully no longer relevant. But in that spirit, it is a nice idea to give ourselves permission to reach out with affection on Leap Day to someone who doesn’t expect it.

Or as suggested on a blog about female friendships, we can reach out to a female friend that we have been neglecting. Irene Levine Ph.D, Professor of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine, who is collecting stories for a worthy project that will culminate in a book about the nature and course of female friendships, particularly fractured friendships, suggests that we call February 29th Make Time for Friends Day.

What will you do on Leap Day?

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  1. What a great idea–make time for friends day. I like that!

    Now to think of a friend that could use a huggin the stuffin hug.


  2. I read this post and got to thinking. In all honesty the one woman friend I haven’t reached out to for awhile is me. So I’m taking myself out for a manicure, getting my hair cut, just finished a Qi Gong class, and will continue to treat myself like my own best friend. I had these things lined up anyway, but I hadn’t put it in context with Making Time for Friends. Now that I have, I kinda like the idea. Thanks for planting the seed:)
    EricaRKrieger on Twitter

  3. I only have an hour left of this leap day and I’m honestly ready for it to be over.

    Good thing that happened was going to Jeff Pulver’s Social Media breakfast and meeting lots of new people, plus seeing Liz Strauss and other Twitterati. Which was fantastic.

  4. LindaSherman says

    Thank you @AnnOhio, @EricaRKrieger and @Leahjones for your Leap Day thoughts!

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