Tokyo is Never Boring: Life on the Trains

I’m sitting on my second floor lanai in Kauai writing this. We bought this house in 2004 as a stopping off point between Tokyo and the US mainland.

It’s just before sunset, my favorite time of day. Greenery and flowers are popping color against the dramatic blue of the ocean beyond. A sharp contrast to the hectic urban streets of Tokyo I have just come from.

There is something about Tokyo that compels most of us to be very serious and work oriented. This was the first trip I stole moments to take photos. Using my iPhone made it easy.

I want to share some of my photos with you here in a few parts. This is Part I.

My overall theme is Tokyo is Never Boring. This has always been true for me. The expats I know who are never bored in Japan enjoy their work, learn the language, take a genuine interest in Japanese culture and business challenges, and are stimulated by the diversity of the foreign community living in Tokyo.

If you’ve not been to Tokyo, you must have a look at the train scenes. Public transportation in Japan is outstanding. It is clean, safe, frequent, well-connected and on-time. During rush hour, it is also crowded.





Japanese men are generally well behaved, at least when they are sober, but somehow the anonymity of the pressing crowd sometimes allows for unwanted physical intrusion. As a result, the Women Only rush hour car was created.


The trains are not always crowded. When it is more relaxed, passengers text message or surf the net from their cell phone, sleep or read. With long commutes and long hours, sleep is a popular option.





About Linda Sherman

International, multicultural marketing pro, Linda brings a distinguished background of international subsidiary CEO/CMO to her Social Marketing expertise. These include CEO Club Med Japan, Barilla Japan and CMO Wal-Mart Japan. Managing Editor, Boomer Tech Talk, she is passionate about senior services including senior health care and housing. Linda Sherman has been featured and quoted in Forbes, The New York Times, Christian Monitor and other leading publications. She devised and implemented an innovative guerrilla-marketing plan for ZIMA in Japan that produced a lasting, profitable success. Linda has hands-on technical skills in building and search optimizing WordPress websites and an influential on-line presence. Her company, The Courage Group, provides personal and start-up branding, digital film; social marketing strategy and training.

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  1. These photos are BEAUTIFUL! I love how you’ve captured humanity in each of these shots. Love it, love it, love it!

  2. I love the photos! They are amazing!!
    remind me of my days commuting in NY!
    please post more when you can!

  3. Great captures! well done!

  4. Loved them too. I have been to Tokyo several times, and I too am never bored. It is a fascinating, crazy, beautiful place and your post has triggered my longing once again.

  5. I love the 3 people on the subway surfing the net and sleeping. That could be an award winner.

  6. Great Great Photos!! I have been to Tokyo several times and it does not stop to fascinate me!

  7. Scott, Julie, Conception, Roxanne, Richard and Karin thank you so much for your kind words. I will definitely continue with a Part II of Tokyo photos.

  8. More Please!!!!! LOVE the pictures… and as I have no immediate plans to visit Tokyo, I am counting on you for my virtual Japanese experience!

  9. THE FEET/SHOES/SOCKS! Lived in Japan for 2 years in the mid-90’s… perfect photos! Bookmarked your website!

  10. So amazing!!! Wow, I must really go to Tokyo someday.
    But to be honest, a stronger wish is to be able to visit you and Ray soon in Kauai to catch one of those sunsets while sipping a nice drink and you tell us all those fascinating things you always talk about!

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