Declaration of Independence – Last Single Girl Webisodes

The single women you will see in The Last Single Girls webisodes have declared their independence. It doesn’t mean they don’t date or they don’t like men. When I talk about independence with my female friends, what we mean is that we are very much OK on our own. I adore my husband, Ray Gordon, but I am also an independent woman. I think that is part of what he loves about me.

The women starring in The Last Single Girls webisodes are all currently single. Most of them are noteworthy authors writing about single lifestyle in one way or another. Their books are filled with tears, laughter, humanity and wisdom.

Jerusha Stewart, a single life expert, who has appeared on panels with other single women in a variety of settings, including a recent appearance on View From the Bay, was inspired to develop a series created especially for the web called The Last Single Girls webisodes. The title is taken from her website and her company LSG Network. She describes her project as:

Picking up the conversation where Sex And The City left off.

In the short-form webisodes, Jerusha Stewart and her two co-hosts, engage in free-flowing debates devoted to love, sex, and single life. The impromptu roundtables happen everywhere. Jerusha and her co-hosts are seen dishing on the phone, at the office, on the way to lunch, out shopping, having their nails done, at a night club, getting massages, at the movies, over dinner, and in their studio lounge. The improvisational timing keeps the conversation moving with never a dull moment as the three debate current issues facing today’s singles.

Jerusha Stewart is author of “Single Girl’s Manifesta.” She is joined by authors Wendy Merrill – “Falling into Manholes: The Memoir of a Bad/Good Girl,” Rachel Sarah – “Single Mom Seeking: Playdates, Blind Dates, and Other Dispatches from the Dating World,” Maria Murnane – “Perfect on Paper” and Tracy Watson – Be seduced! (the cheeky guide to being happily single). Akiba Smith-Francis, who has a book soon to be published called “Stepping Off the Path,” and Jackie Jones, who creates and sells a successful jewelry line, are also featured.

Ray and I spent 4 days in the Bay area, where he did the filming. I took “making of” photos. Ray is currently editing the immense collection of footage we came back with. Jerusha will be coming to LA to contribute to the editing process July 10th. Jerusha’s amazing sister, Deni Tyler, contributed voice over and styling.

How did I get involved? Well, you’ve seen most of these women before in the Singelringen Favorite Authors Network that I built. The philosophy of wearing the ring, the philosophy these women live by and the series itself all mesh perfectly. Even Singular Magazine shows up in the nail salon scenes.

Here’s some “making of” pics.

Rachel, Wendy and Jerusha in the living room scene

Ray wiring Jerusha
Ray wiring Jerusha’s lav mike

LSG girls in store
Jerusha, Akiba and Wendy shopping at Iniam

Ray shooting the shopping scene

Wendy getting in character for the shopping scene

Ray shooting the girls walking into Iniam with Deni’s assistance

Tracy, Wendy and Jerusha at winery tasting room

Maria, Jerusha and Rachel at nail salon

Jackie checking out the pre-production launch issue of Singular Magazine.

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  1. While “Sex and the City” was fiction, it opened a lot of doors – and conversations – that were closed before. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity, through the improv style – to start frank and open dialogue that’s real.

  2. Flo Murnane says

    Looking forward to the “final product”!

    What a great idea!!!

  3. Linda!!! As always involved with cool stuff!!! Sounds great, and just like Flo, I can’t wait to see the “final product”!!! Please let us know!

  4. Wonderful, Linda! Singular mag is getting in the spotlight and it is great! Maybe it will be discovered and become a star too, like the rest of the cast! Thanks for including our baby!

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