How a Blog Can Be a Birthday Gift

I have a tradition of celebrating birthdays for a week. I believe birthdays are a good reason for being showered in small indulgences. Being single never stopped me from having a full Birthday Week. It helps that I am not shy. One of my best birthday week nights when I was single was at my neighborhood bar, the Saloon in Beverly Hills (sadly no longer in existence), where I managed to create a circle of celebration with indulgent strangers.

Being married changes the Birthday Week game. Friends can be rallied to participate but the husband or wife has the challenge and fun of creating each day of the Birthday Week.

Whether you are giving a Birthday Week or just a gift for the special day, have you ever noticed how a handcrafted gift can be so special in showing your affection for a friend or romantic partner?

A blog post can serve as a handmade gift. A blog post as a Birthday Gift is a treasure I just discovered.

Here are my twelve steps to creating a blog post birthday gift:

1. Plan a birthday party for your loved one or honored guest
2. Write a blog post about the party
3. Create a guest list without consideration of geographic proximity to the party
(Don’t forget to include sufficient nearby guests to create the party)
4. Ask guests by e-mail and phone to RSVP with a comment on the blog post
5. Include how to make a comment on a blog hints for friends and relatives unaccustomed to blog comments
6. Follow up with friends and relatives to make sure they post
7. Start showing the post comments daily to the birthday honoree to add to the celebratory Birthday Week
8. Have a computer on-line and handy at the party to pick up additional posts from guests
(it helps to have an old computer with no data on it)
9. Enjoy the party! Take photos and video.
10. Do a follow up blog post to share the photos and video
11. Invite friends and relatives to the follow-up blog post
12. Timely follow up is nice.
Preferably your follow-up post and original post are not separated by a one-month all consuming launch project.

We had a great party for my husband, Ray. He got birthday wishes from across the globe on the 888 blog post. Roxanne Darling and her partner Shane flew in from Honolulu for a day. Thank you!! We had Ray’s Canon XL2 camera with us and Ray caught some early party footage. I knew that Shane shoots great video of Roxanne’s Beach Walks and was delighted when he agreed to use the XL2 to continue shooting at our party. Shane focused on the moments before and after the “888” prosperity/birthday toast. Ray edited the footage. Here are both the 10 minute and 3 minute versions of the video, and a few stills from the party.

The 10 minute version of the party video:

The 3 minute version of the party video







*Updates: You can send them a link to this article I wrote on How to Comment on a Website for Boomer Tech Talk.
The video on this post also inspired a diet to self-correct back to my favorite weight.

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  1. Seeing the video makes me feel like we were there.

    Your birthday week concept is interesting in that I usually have a birthday month and have been known to celebrate my birthday in a variety of cities visited during the month. I still remember fondly the time I had birthday parties in three different cities.

  2. Ray you look great for 55. May you enjoy yourself as much on 090909, 101010, and especially 111111! And may I see you before any of those.


  3. what a fabulous idea!

  4. Yaseen 1122 says

    A blog become a birthday gift is an interesting idea.

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