Twitter Fashion Opportunity

Intriguing Twitter fashion caused a notable comment spike on LaLaWag Feb 19 accompanied by the display of @LauriePercival’s adorable derriere.

There is a business opportunity to produce items that display one’s Twitter address in a cool fashion.

Where would you want to wear your @?

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  1. I’ve thought about this a lot. As a photographer, so many people look at me, but don’t really see me. They see my camera. I could do like @BrianSolis does and place a sticker on my camera so that people see that when I’m taking their picture, or do a cool necklace like the one I saw while on tour with Mashable . Or, I could have some really cool metal & leather wristbands made with my twitter name on it. I guess I should get off my entrepreneurial butt and make it happen. Thank you Linda for helping me to think this through. Be on the look out for @wmmarc ‘s line of Twitterwear!
    Post Note: As soon as I wrote this I immediately thought… WOW! Twitterwear. I should so go buy that domain name right now. But, of course, someone has already purchased it. They’ve got it parked right now, so it was probably someone who only bought it to sell for a profit to someone like me. I’m not sure I’ll pay good money for the domain, but I’ll probably look into it. If they’re not asking too much I may buy it. Either that, or I’ll come up with an equally cool name and market the heck out of niche! Gottaluvit!

    Wm. Marc Salsberry’s last blog post..FACEBOOK REVERTS TO OLD ‘TERMS OF USE’

  2. Ok this is super cute and definitely something that I need to think about as well! Thanks for sharing Linda!

    Kimmie’s last blog post..Sippin Saturdays: On the Bookshelf

  3. That is a great branding idea
    I can wear my twitter handle on hats, t shirts, jackets or whatever because its my name!

    Dr. Wright
    The Wright Place TV Show

    Dr Wright’s last blog post..Your Email address is What?

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