Fun Running on Kauai, Staying Fit in a Computer Centric Job

Koloa Plantation Days Family Fun Run July 24 on Kauai, Hawaii was genuinely fun. I registered for the purpose of supporting my Kukui’ula Outrigger Canoe Club which was co-hosting. I haven’t run continuously any distance in years, though I do play singles tennis regularly. I registered without fear because the race clearly said we could run or walk so I thought in the worst case, I would do some walking. I’m proud to say that I never walked, sprinted into the finish and won third place in my age class. I love the little wooden plaque I got.

All photos are by Ray Gordon. There is a public album with more photos on Facebook, which should be accessible even if you aren’t a Facebook user.

Linda Sherman with Mayor Carvalho and Race Prize

Linda Sherman with Mayor Carvalho and Race Prize

There were four races: 5K, 10K, 10 mile and the 1K keiki (children’s) race. This is the article I wrote on Our Best of Kauai about this race and the Paddle Fest Koloa Plantations Days events that Kukui’ula Outrigger Club is hosting.

Official race results provided by JTL Timing:
Tri Kauai 5K
Tri Kauai 10K
Tri Kauai 10 mile
Tri Kauai 1K

If you want to stay fit, living in a place where it is easy to get exercise outdoors is a great start. Kauai also has the advantage of very pure air. I make my living primarily at my computer so I still need to discipline myself to make time for daily exercise. I have some more tips about fitness for computer workers on Boomer Tech Talk.

Koloa Plantation Days Fun Run 5K Race Start

Koloa Plantation Days Fun Run 5K Race Start

Fran McDonald Managed Family Fun Run for Kukui'ula

Fran McDonald Managed Family Fun Run for Kukui'ula Outrigger Club

Linda Sherman sprinting for the 5K finish

Sprinting for the Finish

Linda Sherman and Melissa

Fellow Paddler Melissa Burovac and I Before the Races Started - Melissa Won 2nd Place in Her Age Group for 10 Mile Race

Awards for the 50 - 59 Women Race Winners

Awards for the 50 - 59 Women Race Winners

Stretching for the race


Fran McDonald Showing Race Awards

Fran McDonald Showing Race Awards

I think I was the only person running today in tennis shoes rather than running shoes. Maybe I’ll break down and buy a pair of running shoes. What’s your exercise of choice these days?

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  1. Congratulations on a great race! And thank you for your help in promoting!

  2. Glad I could be there today Fran. Great event!

  3. It was great to run with you! And thank you to Ray for the photos!

  4. ghostfighter0506 says

    Nice blog post, thanks for sharing it.

  5. malunggay56 says

    Very nice idea, exercise is the best for me nowadays, especially because I am pregnant. I want to get a healthy and safe delivery in my baby. Thanks for sharing this blog. Keep up the good work!

  6. That’s nice of you. Some people needs a complete gear and costume to exercise only find those gadgets on the basket near the staircase, shoes doesn’t matter if you really are determined to go on an exercise. Congratulations.! It only shows your will to stay fit.

  7. Mahalo Melissa, Ghost Fighter, Malunggay and Raizhas for your kind comments! 
    This just came out in the Garden Island. The story of using an iPhone, including asking SIRI to take a video during the race is a nice combo of tech and the beauty of this race so had to share:

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