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Google Plus circles are a convenient way to keep track of people centered around a common theme. I have always found Twitter lists to be very useful. Unlike Twitter lists Google Plus circles cannot be subscribed to and they cannot be used to focus on a “stream” that is just from one circle. However, by sharing the circle with the members of that circle and providing updates to the circle to be absorbed, it would appear that individuals with a common interest can keep track of each other.

Over the years since Mack Collier introduced the very popular BlogChat Twitter chat (written #BlogChat) members have enjoyed communicating with each other every Sunday night at 9PM EST. If you have not yet participated in BlogChat here are my tips to make your Twitter chat more enjoyable.

One of the topics that has come up more than once is that bloggers really should take advantage of Google Plus.

What are some advantages?

Google Plus is:
– a source of ideas and information for blogs
– a place to build your author authority with Google
– a place to meet people who are more likely to use the +1 button on your blog

In September 2011, Google folded Zagat into Google Plus. Now they have bought Frommers and are bringing that scoring into Google Plus. Certainly people in the hospitality industry cannot ignore Google Plus!

During BlogChat on Sunday, August 19, I introduced the idea of creating circles on Google Plus of interested bloggers so that we could find each other there as well as support each other on Google Plus.

blogbuddies google plus logo 600

The objective of the BlogBuddies Shared Circles is to enhance the Google Plus experience of their members.

While the members of the circle are also on BlogChat, it is not an “official” BlogChat endeavor, so I am referring to the circles as BlogBuddies Google Plus circles. Official BlogChat activities will be run by Mack Collier, the creator and owner of BlogChat. Mack has kindly agreed to be an honorary member of this circle.

We are looking for the following:

You should be active on Google Plus.

What does that mean?

Our definition is that you have posted on Google Plus in the past one week.

You should have a plus one (+1) tab on your Google Plus with some plus ones you have given to blog posts.

How To Ensure That Your Google Plus +1 Tab is Visible Visitors

Here is an example of what a +1 tab looks like:

GooglePlus plus one tab image

If you look at your Google Plus page from another browser, you may find that you are actually using the +1 tab but the tab and its contents are not visible to visitors to your Google Plus profile. Here is how to make your +1 tab and contents visible

If you want to get plus one’s on your blog, you should be sure to install a plug-in that allows visitors to hit plus one on each post. When you are using these bookmarks, note that you will hava a choice to just hit the +1 to pull it to the +1 tab on your Google Plus profile or you can actually post that link on your Google Plus posts wall as a “share what’s new” post. If you post it to your wall, I strongly suggest that you add a comment to introduce it.

How To Turn Up the Volume on a Google Plus Circle

The slider is on the Home Page. Pull down the “more” for the full list of your circles. To get the slider to show up, you need to click on one circle. Click on the circle name of your choice and move the slider to the right to make sure you don’t miss posts from that group. Setting the slider all the way to the right means that you will get notifications and emails. But if you change your settings to get no emails from Google Plus then you will just get notifications. To change your email settings, go to the gear on your profile, the settings page and scroll to the bottom where the email notifications are. If you find that one or more members post too frequently for you to absorb, just create a second circle and set that listening to a manageable amount for yourself.

how to adjust google plus volume slider screen shot by Linda Sherman

How to adjust google plus volume slider screen shot

If You Are Interested
If you think you might be interested, please put the following information into a comment, or if you prefer, plaease send me a message with the same information through the contact tab on this site and I will be happy to send you additional information.

Twitter name
Google+ Address
Blog Address

For listing your Google+ address, I recommend going to to pick up a nickname for yourself. It will look like this:

When I talk about our circles on Twitter, I will refer to them as #BlogBuddies. Note that the hash for Google Plus is #GooglePlus. #SharedCircles is also an important hash reference.

The overall Google Plus Circle of BlogChat participants active on Google Plus that I had found up to mid-September, was introduced September 16 on Google Plus. This link is the September 30 update.

The overall Google Plus Circle of BlogChat participants active on GPlus as of April 14, 2013. Tonight (Apr 14) on BlogChat we are discussing using Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog and I want to remind us that GooglePlus is important for bloggers. I explain more about why bloggers should be on GooglePlus here: What You Are Missing on GooglePlus.

About Linda Sherman

International, multicultural marketing pro, Linda brings a distinguished background of international subsidiary CEO/CMO to her Social Marketing expertise. These include CEO Club Med Japan, Barilla Japan and CMO Wal-Mart Japan. Managing Editor, Boomer Tech Talk, she is passionate about senior services including senior health care and housing. Linda Sherman has been featured and quoted in Forbes, The New York Times, Christian Monitor and other leading publications. She devised and implemented an innovative guerrilla-marketing plan for ZIMA in Japan that produced a lasting, profitable success. Linda has hands-on technical skills in building and search optimizing WordPress websites and an influential on-line presence. Her company, The Courage Group, provides personal and start-up branding, digital film; social marketing strategy and training.

Connect with Linda Sherman on Twitter and Instagram @LindaSherman.


  1. MarisaGoudy says

    @MackCollier @lindasherman A great intro to G+ – hope to see you in my stream soon!

  2. MarisaGoudy says

    I just came across this post thanks to a Tweet by mark Collier. I have only caught BlogChat a few times, but I am in the process of really dedicating myself to blogging regularly in support of my copywriting and communications consultation business. I am actually more active on G+ than on Twitter much of the time, so I realize I am finding you in the opposite direction in a way! I do look forward to learning from a new group on G+ and connecting further.

  3. Excellent idea to build a BlogBuddies circle. I am using Google+ more and more. I am also hot on Hangouts after fellow BlogChat regular Marti Konstant got me hooked.
    Would love to join the fun. Here is my info:
    <a href=””></a&gt;

  4. Excellent idea to build a BlogBuddies circle. I am using Google+ more and more. I am also hot on Hangouts after fellow BlogChat regular Marti Konstant got me hooked.
    Would love to join the fun. Here is my info:

  5. Sounds great! 

  6. Sounds great.
    Here’s my info:
    Twitter: (at) chrislema

  7. JustLindaSTL says

    Twitter  justlindastl 
    And thanks!

  8. SharonRainey says

    I saw the tweet made by Mark. I have just participated in my first #blogchat. I added you to my Google+ circles though, I have one I am just now learning how to use it. So, my circles and +1s are few. 
    Twitter: queeninheels 
    G+ :

    •  @SharonRainey  Thanks Sharon. We will be creating sub-circles to ensure common interest in particular topics, like fashion/heels. I will be sending you more info. The host of BlogChat who sent the tweet is Mack Collier, apologies for not mentioning that to @MarisaGoudy right away.

  9. Some of you need to add a +1 column to their G+ wall. Please see the illustration above in my article. Then check your G+ post wall to see if you have that +1’s tab showing up as illustrated. If you don’t, you can add that tab by going to a blog that has an appropriate bookmarking plug-in installed or programming displaying the G+1 graphic for doing that. is one that does. has a similar set-up as you see here on this post page.  
    For instance, here, you would click on the g+1 at the top or bottom of the post (supplied by Shareaholic Sexy Bookmarks). It gives you the option to add a comment, if you add a comment it will go to your Google Plus wall. Instead, once you touch that button, you are already “publicly sharing” to your G+1 tab.
    Now you can just close that box by hitting the x on the top right. You’ll see the number in the G+1 box on the post has gone up by one and that post URL has shown up at your G+1 tab. Please ping me after you’ve done that because I’ve actually created an excel sheet for this project that includes a yes/no for this information.

  10. @LindaSherman Do you use your personal profile on Google+? #blogchat

  11. CareerPivot says

    @LindaSherman I blog three times a week and ALWAYS post on G+ #blogchat

  12. Linda, firstly I want to thank you for this amazing resource and for all the work you’ve put in to help this community. This is incredible! I didn’t know about the G+ plus 1 tab and I am so looking forward to following this amazing circle of people! Thank you so much!

  13. info@honualani,com says

    Thank you Linda for creating #BlogBuddies and including me in the circle. I look forward to all I can learn from this amazing group of writers. Awesome idea and a good way for me to start to use and understand Google+.  Mahalo again for all you do to help forward my understanding of this new to me resource.

  14. Hi Linda,  Thanks for the great information. I have been starting to use Google+ a lot more and love the hangouts. Here is my info to add me to the relevant circles.


  15. audaciouslady says

    @lindasherman we have to talk later bc I’m starting to get active and I found your circle but then I get lost. 🙁 #blogchat

  16. @LindaSherman great to see you too! dunno how active I am; I think I’m on the #blogchat #mecurial circle

  17. @LindaSherman @ricdragon Great to connect with you both on #blogchat tonight!

  18. writin2insanity says

    I’d love to join in! Here’s my info! 

  19. RosieBattista says

    Great idea! I’d love to join in.

  20. LindaSherman says

    Good example of why the autotweets @Livefrye are difficult to use @RosieBattista Nice to meet you. Are you a #BlogChat regular?

  21. writtenbyjoshua says

    I found this via #blogchat; this is a great idea. I would love to be included.
     @writtenbyjoshua  <— I’ll be launching this at the end of December.  I’m currently editing and reorganizing content and modifying/further developing the overall appearance and functionality of my blog.

  22. Hi Linda, I’d love to join you. We’ve connected before on blogchat and on Google+:

  23. rhonda hurwitz says

    Hey, Linda, thanks for the explanation.  My =1 was not showing as a tab so thank you for explaining … as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know …

  24. nycstylecannoli says
  25. Seems interesting 🙂 Please count me in if you’re still looking!

  26. Great Post Linda!  I love connecting with everyone on #blogchat each week and this article is an example of why!  You all are very informative and you help me take  blogging more serious.

  27. Great share Linda great to connect with you here, I have been joining in on #Blogchat for some time now and enjoy the informative shares as I know I will here.

  28. phylliskhare says

    hey Linda – I might already be in this Circle? If not, my name should be linked to my profile, and blog is here

    • Thank you phylliskhare. You indeed belong in the circle. I have added you. I will share the circle again in June and you’ll be able to up the latest circle with yourself in it then.

  29. WhiskeyChick says
  30. bobsky27 says

    Yes, Google plus is very useful to communicate with users and potentials customers. We often post updates on Google + to let them know new WP themes are available.

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