Support Education for Girls on International Womens Day

Nothing is more important than the opportunity for education when it comes to bringing a true equality for women around the world.

Absolutely, the situation is serious in many countries where girls are blocked by local regimes from even attending primary school.

Right here in America, while our girls have the right to attend school, many live in communities where they have less than a fair chance to succeed. To break the cycle of poverty and bring true gender equality, girls need to graduate from high school and enter an institution of higher learning be it college or further vocational training.

Make Los Angeles Community Better with This Excellent Charity IHADLA
I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) is a charity I support. I think they are doing a great job in providing whole child education for girls and boys living in underserved communities in Los Angeles. Sponsored by IHADLA from the third grade, these at risk youth attend after school programs where they get help with homework, enjoy cultural enrichment, get exposure to STEM, go on field trips to colleges and more. IHADLA is always looking for additional mentors, volunteers and of course donations, so if you live in Los Angeles, please see how you might participate with this nonprofit.

March 20th they are holding their annual fundraiser called the Dreamer Dinner. A ticket to this event will give you a lovely evening with people who care about making a difference. Not to mention unexpected celebrity appearances. I will be there!

If nothing else, you can support them on social media. Their handle is IHADLA on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Women Helping Girls For a Better Education
Being close to I Have a Dream Foundation – Los Angeles, I have had the opportunity to see the generosity of women in helping these girls create a better life for themselves. From acting as mentors to donations like this recent one from Women Helping Youth.

To quote Marsha Collier, “It’s time to support your sisters.”

Women Helping Youth donates computers to I Have a Dream Foundation Los Angeles

Women Helping Youth donates computers to I Have a Dream Foundation Los Angeles

Computers from Women Helping Youth being put to good use!

Computers from Women Helping Youth being put to good use!

And this recent donation of $20,000 to support IHADLA’s mentoring program from a women’s organization in Los Angeles called Share, Inc.

Share Inc rep Sarno with check for IHADLA CEO, Debra Fine

Share Inc representative with check for IHADLA CEO, Debra Fine

From Western Union, a wonderful program in honor International Women’s Day called Chain of Betters.

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