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Every Saturday noon to 12:55pm PST, the Computer and Technology TechRadio show is available live. It’s fun to listen live, and tweet with the hosts Marsha Collier and Marc Cohen as well as the other listeners. This show is always lively, entertaining and informative.

Computer and Technology TechRadio show usually starts out with recent tech news. There is always a “buy of the week” discovery segment delivered by Marc Cohen @RealMarcCohen. And the last 5-10 minutes is always about TV and film as available through live streaming and otherwise. You will find a reflection of what is being talked about on the show in a TechRadio Twitter stream searchable with the hashtag #TechRadio.

Recently Marsha has made the show live on her @MarshaCollier Twitter stream. Look for two halves. You can also find it on her Periscope account. It’s your chance to send Marsha some Periscope hearts.

Computer and Technology Radio Show (TechRadio) was initially launched on KTRB 860 AM in San Francisco. Ten years ago Marsha and Marc moved the show to a podcast format, making it accessible worldwide.

Special Guest on Computer and Technology TechRadio Show: Eric Lundgren

From time to time Marsha and Marc host a special guest on the show. April 28th it was Eric Lundgren. Usually the archives don’t go up until Monday but this is a very timely show, so the archives came up early.

Listen here:
iTunes This is specifically the segment with Eric. Topics include Eric’s background, eWaste, extending the life of computers, one charge limits for electric vehicles, what Eric can accomplish while serving 15 months in prison.

Here is the Verge’s latest update on Eric Lundgren’s #RightToRepair fight from April 27th.

Marsha Collier

Co-host Marsha Collier is well known on social media as an influencer in the fields of marketing, social media, tech, cars and more. Her Twitter and Instagram handle is @MarshaCollier. She has sold over 1,000,000 books as an expert in e-commerce, especially eBay, and customer service. (Marsha also hosts a very popular Twitter chat on Tuesdays at 6pm PST called #CustServ).

Most of Marsha Collier’s 30+ books are from the e-Bay for Dummies series published by Wiley. As Marsha has pointed out on her Computer and Technology TechRadio Show, eBay is a good place to earn extra income. With her easy to digest 9th edition of her classic book published this May, you can learn how. A good selection of Marsha Collier’s books are listed here on Amazon.

I have known Marsha Collier for many years.
Marsha Collier with Linda Sherman

To Listen to Computer and Technology TechRadio Live on Saturdays at Noon PST

Just before noon pst, go to This is the Computer and Technology (TechRadio) page that includes archives of the show on deskstop. Look for the line that says “Listen to Our Live Stream Now”. TechRadio (Computer and Technology Radio) will begin to play.

WS Radio on Desktop screenshot

WS Radio on Desktop

Finding Marsha's Live Twitter Show (also on Periscope) via Twitter

Finding Marsha’s Live Twitter Show (also on Periscope) via Twitter

You can also download the WSRadio smart phone app. This is what the app looks like:
WS Radio app

Marsha Collier interviewing Guy Kawasaki for TechRadio during a tech conference

Marsha Collier interviewing Guy Kawasaki for TechRadio during a tech conference

Marsha Collier live on TechRadio

TechRadio Archives

The Computer and Technology podcast is archived on iTunes, Stitcher, Tune-in, iHeart and WSRadio. New archives are available each Monday. You can also get to the archives immediately on @MarshaCollier’s Twitter or Periscope account.
Computer and Technology Podcast archives on Stitcher
Computer and Technology Podcast archives on iHeart
Computer and Technology Podcast archives on iTunes

PodCast app suggestion I picked up from a TechRadio show for Apple users: for iOS facilitates listening to podcasts from your iPhone, Apple Watch or CarPlay.

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