How to Pronounce KARAOKE

It is the season of karaoke parties, including TechKaraoke, giving me plenty of opportunity to hear the word karaoke mispronounced and even misspelled to fit the mispronunciation. Tonight, it was Ryan Owens on ABC World News with Charles Gibson that put me over the top. Karaoke originated in … [Read more...]

Humor, Sex and Verbal Jousting

Coors holds a very special place in my heart. I loved working there because the beer business is fun and they treated their people very well. However, I quickly learned that being an executive for a beer company meant being able to take humor like a man. I have not been in a mens locker room but … [Read more...]

Why I Watch TV

As a cultural returnee to the USA, I found TV a very useful way to catch up. These days it's hard to use that as an excuse but TV is still fresh enough to me to be interesting. I usually watch TV in background while getting computer-based work done. If I am fully watching TV, I want it to be … [Read more...]