Welcome Prosperity Celebration 888

The Olympics starts on August 8th at 8PM for a reason. August 8th 2008 is an auspicious date. In Chinese, the number 8 is pronounced "fa" or "ba" (depending on the dialect) which means prosperity. As James Fallows noted in the Atlantic Monthly a year ago, many Chinese couples have been planning … [Read more...]

Declaration of Independence – Last Single Girl Webisodes

The single women you will see in The Last Single Girls webisodes have declared their independence. It doesn't mean they don't date or they don't like men. When I talk about independence with my female friends, what we mean is that we are very much OK on our own. I adore my husband, Ray Gordon, but … [Read more...]

What Will You Do On Leap Day?

February 29 was declared a day when women could propose to men (made famous by cartoonist Al Capp in 1937 as Sadie Hawkins Day) back when that was a big deal. Such a concept is gratefully no longer relevant. But in that spirit, it is a nice idea to give ourselves permission to reach out with … [Read more...]


I will be in the Singelringen booth at Accessories, The Show in Las Vegas greeting everyone with a "Happy Valentine's Day." I will be distributing as many hugs as possible. Please let me wish all of you a Happy Valentine's Day and express my most sincere appreciation for coming to my blog. Please … [Read more...]

No Global Definition of Valentines Day

You may not realize that February 14th is not celebrated universally in the same way. My friend on Twitter Shashi Bellamkonda explains that he had not even heard of Valentines Day before he arrived in America 11 years ago. In Japan, February 14th has been successfully commercialized as the day … [Read more...]