Love is Everywhere even on Valentine's Day

One thing I love about social media is the many opportunities for hugs, both on and offline. Love is everywhere waiting for us all the time. One of my favorite hug moments with Chris Brogan Tonight I will be with friends at a Gala benefiting the Center for Aids Prevention in Beverly Hills. Ray … [Read more...]

Courageous Women I Met at BlogHer

There were many brave, generous and kind women at BlogHer. The 22 women reading at the Friday night Keynote were amazing. Several of them had us in tears. Stephanie Quilao who spoke on the "Coming Out" panel had this to say: The big theme that came out of the session was that having the … [Read more...]

Declaration of Independence – Last Single Girl Webisodes

The single women you will see in The Last Single Girls webisodes have declared their independence. It doesn't mean they don't date or they don't like men. When I talk about independence with my female friends, what we mean is that we are very much OK on our own. I adore my husband, Ray Gordon, but … [Read more...]

The Thrill of Competition and Trying Harder

The question has often been asked, are men more competitive than women? It seems reasonable to believe that generally we are competitive in different areas. Certainly living in different cultures affects our competitive nature. Competition can be defined as related to risk-taking, tendency to … [Read more...]

5 Leading Single Life Authors April 3 SF The Commonwealth Club

Come join 5 leading Single Life authors next Thursday night as sassy soloists fan the flames of living single at the SF Commonwealth Club. Meet and mingle with other singles during the unmarried blissfest! Please tell all your single and wish-they-were single friends! THURSDAY APRIL 3 | 6:00 PM The … [Read more...]