Jimmy Carter Advocate for Women’s Equality and Human Rights

In this excellent TED Talk, former president, Jimmy Carter explains why the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse on our planet. Filmed in May 2015. We are greatly saddened by the recent news of Jimmy Carter's battle with melanoma cancer that was in his liver early this … [Read more...]

Woman Power on Display at Pangea Day Event

Pangea Day was created from the vision of Jehane Noujaim who was awarded the prestigious TED prize in 2006. TED asked her to make a wish to change the world and hers was to bring the world together through the power of film. I had the pleasure of attending the live filming of Pangea Day at Sony … [Read more...]

Inspirational, Educational Analysis of Stroke by a Powerful Woman

In the presentation skills trainings Ray and I give in Tokyo, we talk about tapping into the right brain of the listener. In this inspiring, powerful presentation by neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor, she actually brings a human brain out on stage to make her point. Now that's a prop! If you … [Read more...]