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There are many people calling themselves Social Media Marketing Consultants these days. Wouldn’t you like one that understands the importance of your bottom line?

What sets Linda Sherman apart in this industry is the significant corporate management experience she has, both in Marketing and as CEO of multinational subsidiaries.

Linda helps you create a plan for your brand, whether it is you, your service or your physical product. Then she helps you set up social media tools to generate on-line exposure and extend your influence. She trains you on how to use these social media tools to build, market and protect your brand. This usually takes several months, during which time you have access to her for further training and Q&A.

Linda works alongside you to produce plans for your brand, using MindJet Mind Manager mapping software. Linda has worked with many visionaries and most of them appreciate working the way maps engage the “right brain.”
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When you choose a Social Media Marketing consultant, check out their links and see what they have accomplished online. Don’t just look at the number of Twitter followers, but the quality of their followers and levels of interaction. TwitterGrader is good for this. You’ll find many of Linda Sherman’s social media links on the “My Links” tab of her site. When she teaches you how to use Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Google Profile Page, bookmarks and other social media tools, it is from the experience of using it herself and, of course, with her clients. She will encourage you to be authentic and interactive.

No Social Media Marketing plan is complete without addressing Search Engine Optimization, and you will find Linda well versed in this area.

Linda’s clients include corporations, small businesses, individual authors and artists. She moves comfortably in any of these worlds.

Linda’s Small Business and Individual Clients include:

Author, Bruce Sallan
Berta Art
Singular Communications
Great Foot Doctors LA
Evenson Design

Linda is co-founder of Courage Group. Video is a key part of today’s social media marketing strategy and Courage Group has the talent and equipment to film and edit online video for clients, such as:

The Last Single Girls

You can find Social Media Tips, Insights and Videos from Linda Sherman on this blog as well as on Boomer Tech Talk and Linda’s Casual Social Media and Twitter Extensions Posterous blog.

Linda loves to find good values, and you’ll find that she provides high-quality price performance to her clients.