Online Community Leads to Offline Fireworks

We were talking about online personal branding last night. The beautiful fireworks display had just ended. Everyone had enjoyed the food and drink we brought to share. Fireworks view from Julie Spira's rooftop terrace in Marina Del Rey Julie Spira and I were explaining the value of a Google … [Read more...]

Tech Entertainment Intersection Sparkles in LA

There are two major industries in Los Angeles, tech and entertainment. When it comes to bringing them together, LA has emerged as the clear leader. I thrived in the international community in Tokyo. Coming back to America, at first I missed being a leader of this and that, and being a regular at … [Read more...]

Declaration of Independence – Last Single Girl Webisodes

The single women you will see in The Last Single Girls webisodes have declared their independence. It doesn't mean they don't date or they don't like men. When I talk about independence with my female friends, what we mean is that we are very much OK on our own. I adore my husband, Ray Gordon, but … [Read more...]